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Dr. Kenji Oyasu is a physician executive and founder of ModernMed Recovery. He actively manages and provides physician oversight for the medication-assisted treatment of patients struggling with opioid addiction. Dr. Oyasu’s 26 years as an emergency room physician exposed him to the growing epidemic of opioid addiction, along with the lack of treatment resources, so he felt the need to create a medication-assisted treatment program where patients are treated by caring physicians with professionalism. He has a special interest in linking the success of in-patient detoxification with long-term meaningful recovery.

He currently serves on the board of directors for the Lake County Opioid Initiative and medical committee for the Chicago Area Opioid Task Force. Dr. Oyasu has been recognized locally and nationally as an advocate for compassionate treatment of this very special patient population.

At ModernMed Recovery, you will be treated with respect, dignity and kindness at one of our substance abuse treatment centers in Illinois. Our practice is physician-owned and -operated, therefore we are able to provide you with the best medically assisted addiction treatment for your chronic opioid or alcohol addiction. Meet our team of caring professionals….

Dr Kenji Oyasu. ModernMed Recovery
Dr. Kenji Oyasu MD, Executive Medical Director
ModernMed Recovery
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Kevin D.Kevin D.
10:11 27 Sep 23
I have been a patient with Dr. Oyasu for over 3 years. I am proud to say that I am proud and very grateful with the absolute best care and a true mentor as I have grown and discovered so many great things about life, love, faith, and finally I am so proud of myself with the perfect treatment and care I have been gifted to receive from Dr. Oyasu, along with the Nurse Teri, who has always been there to help and answer any questions I may have. A very great team DR. Oyasu has put together, and a team that goes the extra mile for patients. My recovery entails much daily work, and Dr. Oyasu provides the road map on how to get to such a better place in life, as we all are afraid to admit we have a problem, but there interest is to form a plan to get you eventually into the recovery phase which no matter how you got into the position of addiction, the recovery path is there just waiting for you to join us, and trust me, it's not just about a few changes, ut's all about a complete new lifestyle, where you learn so many great things about you, but you surround yourself with people that understand and allow you to enjoy this new life of recovery. Dr. Oyasu will surely get you there if you put the work in, and understand many of us out there were once in your shoes, so it's important to write this as there is no shame to surrender and this is the perfect place to do just that and the help is there waiting. Give it a chance, and you too can eventually get into recovery, and you will then see how strong you actually are. Go for it!
Simon HorwellSimon Horwell
18:22 13 Sep 23
After spending two and a half years in excruciating pain from double herniated discs in my lower spine, I had been consistently prescribed strong painkillers by my doctors. As my back injury abated and I no longer needed the pain medication, I faced a new and unexpected challenge.....adjusting to life without prescribed opioids.No-one tells you how hard that will be, about the changes to your brain chemistry that have occurred while you were on your medication, and about how impossibly difficult it is to adjust back to your pre-injury, pre-opioid self. There is so much stigma attached to opioid use, that it deters even legitimate pain patients from seeking assistance once their injuries heal; so I was a bundle of nerves the first time I picked up the phone to ModernMed. I needn't have been.Dr. Kenji Oyasu isn't just a remarkable doctor, he is a remarkable man. From the very first moment he made me feel incredibly comfortable. He empathized and understood the position I found myself in; he listened to all my concerns and fears; and he reacted immediately to help me through those terrible first few days. Days which, with his help, were a breeze in comparison to doing it myself. Now two months on from the process, I will say that it is the best call I have ever made in my life. Support services and programs like this should be mandatory referrals from healthcare practitioners who prescribe opioids long term for illness or injury; as I can safely say I would not be in the fantastic place I am today without the guidance, support, patience and knowledge of Dr. Oyasu.There is nothing to be ashamed about, there is no reason to fear judgment. People get into these things for all sorts of reasons, and it doesn't matter why you are where you are....if you need help (spoiler: you do!) coming off opioids, Dr. Oyasu is the man you need to call.
Emma Berti '24Emma Berti '24
22:16 10 Aug 23
Jason GellerJason Geller
00:02 22 Apr 23
The level of care found at MM is unmatched in todays healthcare community!
Katherine korzunKatherine korzun
20:29 05 Apr 23
Great customer service, made me feel so comfortable when I got there and was nervous.
Grace KusibabGrace Kusibab
20:25 16 Feb 23
Dr Oyasu is such an incredible doctor and he’s an amazing guy. He will listen to every one of your concerns, answer all questions you have, and make you actually want to come back and see him and without him, I honestly don’t think I would be sober. He has saved my life, and everybody else at ModernMed is incredible too and has had a huge part in my sobriety and life. they all just make everything so much better and easier. Thank you!! Coming up on 8 months sober.
John KalgrenJohn Kalgren
22:08 06 Feb 23
I have had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about Modern Med Lindenhurst location. I have been a patient there for almost a year now and they are 100% supportive towards me reaching my goals.They are ALWAYS available, and if in the rare case i have to leave a message, it is swiftly returned.I especially want to acknowledge their nurse practitioner Lauralea....she has been so supportive and helpful in me reaching my goals and the priority reason i have stayed with this practice. I STRONGLY encourage anyone seeking recovery help to call Modern Med ASAP......they are the BEST i have ever had the pleasure of working with. Kudos to their entire staff!!
Alaa MukattashAlaa Mukattash
17:32 25 Jan 23
((((Quitting Alcohol addiction after 18 years of addiction ))))) was a miracle with Modern recovery clinic. In fact, Dr. Oyasu who was the only one who was able to help my husband to to quit alcohol after he used to drink more than a liter of vodka per day. Unfortunately, our lives were recently destroyed physically, financially, and psychologically, and after trying all ways to stop drink alcohol weather in the hospital or or by self, my husband was not able to get rid of the addiction throughout this period.Honestly, my husband and I cannot find words to describe how AMAZING Dr. Oyasu, because he encouraged my husband quit Alcohol from THE FIRST VISIT. In fact, he was with us on the phone even when we got home and asked to git red of all drink in the house and stayed with us on his personal phone, so much so we felt like he was living with us at home to take care of my husband. We are SO POURD that we went to Dr. Oyasu and I am so proud of my husband who has strong ability to get rod of Alcohol addiction. err inc im Finally, we have a new life, full of stability, ambitions and new hopes
Michael BarabeMichael Barabe
19:17 01 Dec 22
This place is awesome! I’ve fought with Dr for 10 years about what works for me! I am blessed to have found Modern Med! They actually listen and care!
Janine ThompsonJanine Thompson
21:21 07 Nov 22
This place saved my life!! They are caring and non-judgemental and they go above and beyond for their patients! I am currently clean and sober now for many years and I couldn’t have done it without them!
ethan johnsonethan johnson
23:02 11 Jul 22
For anyone ready to commit truly to their recovery and to the betterment of themselves, there is no better place than modernmed. I found not only a brilliant and completey component physician, but what I would like to consider a friend in doctor Oyasu. His staff is also as caring as he, which is hard to imagine. If you are ready they will be ready to treat you, and not only in ailments but also with compassion and respect. People and places like this are becoming few and far between and I consider myself lucky to be a patient at this facility. Thank you from the center of my heart for providing me a productive outlet in my path of recovery and awakening.
carl webbcarl webb
16:40 07 Apr 22
AMAZING!! Modern Med is the place to go for anyone looking for REAL HELP. From the second i waked into Dr. Oyasu’s i felt welcomed. I didnt feel like an outcast or like anyone thought less of me for being a recovering addict. Their offices are always very clean, and very “inviting”, not just four white walls and a couch like most other places i have been. Dr. Oyasu is one of the nicest, most understanding people, let alone Doctor i have ever met, recovery community and just in life. He really listens to you and is very knowledgable about addiction, along with all his other medical knowledge. He really wants to tailor your recovery plan and process to make it really work for you! And not even just about addiction. Dr. Oyasu and ALL his staff are always willing to put down what they are doing if you ever need to run something by them, ask any questions, or sometimes just to have a conversation. They ACTUALLY answer the phone while they are open and are always speedy to get back to you same day if you leave them a message. Dr. Oyasu, if you and your staff are reading this, THANK YOU! There is no doubt in my mind Dr. Kenji Oyasu and ALL of his staff have saved my life! If you a struggling with addiction, THIS IS THE PLACE TO START YOUR JOURNEY OF RECOVERY!!
Megan PinnMegan Pinn
18:42 28 Mar 22
Dr. O is a huge part in saving my life I had a long hopeless 10 years nothing was working for me I decided I needed change and went to the emergency room to see if they could help me detox and they couldn't but they provided me with the number to MMR I called and got an appointment the next day. I walked into the office miserable I'm finally happy and have my family back thanks to this place everyone there is super kind and respectful. Dr. O is the best doctor Iver ever met he truly cares about his patients and knows what each individual needs. I highly recommend this place it saved my life


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