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What to Expect

We provide medication-assisted treatment for individuals addicted and/or dependent on opioid medication and heroin. Our practice prescribes buprenorphine products such as  SUBOXONE™, SUBUTEX™ ZUBSOLV™ ,BUNAVAIL™ and VIVITROL™.

Induction Appointment

Prior to your first appointment, you will be walked through the step-by-step procedure by one of our caring health professionals. You will be asked to log on to our patient portal to fill out pre-appointment paperwork.

During your induction visit, your chronic illness will be thoroughly explained, as well as medication choices. You will be an active participant in the process of medication-assisted treatment. Family members are always welcome to attend, as we feel a positive support system is invaluable to your recovery. You will be sent home with the cell phone number of a medical provider who will remain in contact with you throughout the induction process.

Acute Stabilization Visit

One week after your induction visit, you will return to the clinic for another visit. At this time, you will once again speak to a physician or nurse practitioner to further enhance your knowledge of the recovery process using medication-assisted treatment. Once again, we will answer any questions and make any necessary medication changes or dosage adjustments.

Maintenance Visit

After you are stabilized on your medication dosage and preparation, you will return to the clinic once a month to provide a urine sample for compliance and follow up with your physician. Your physician and patient care coordinator will remain available via text or phone for any questions or concerns.

What are Buprenorphine Products

Buprenorphine products such as SUBOXONE and VIVITROL, are in a class of medications referred to as partial opioid agonist. These medications are commonly prescribed for the treatment of opioid addiction, which can include addiction related to substances such as heroin, fentanyl, and prescription painkillers such as Vicodin and OxyContin. Partial opioid agonist such buprenorphine can help mitigate withdrawal symptoms and cravings while reducing the risk of relapse and supporting the possibility of lifelong recovery.

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