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Tara Healthcare Increases Access to Suboxone Doctors via Telemedicine During COVID-19

NEW YORK, March 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tara Healthcare, which operates, is rapidly adding providers to meet the demand for telemedicine visits for Suboxone and Subutex prescription renewals amid COVID-19. 

“It’s important that people know we are here. For many people in our country, getting their prescriptions renewed and filled is done in person and is required for their continued recovery  With the danger that can pose, is here to provide telemedicine visits to those in ArizonaOhio, and New York, as well as medication home delivery,” said Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Marcus Hansen. provides access to DEA-licensed providers to those in Arizona, Ohio, and New York via telemedicine. The cost is $49.99/visit, plus the cost of medication, however, insurance is accepted for medication delivery. Patients are also able to have their prescriptions sent to their local pharmacy of choice for pick up if they choose. 

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