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Innovative Initiative in Illinois: Bolstering the Substance Use Disorder Workforce

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In response to an escalating overdose crisis, Illinois has launched a pioneering program aimed at addressing the critical shortage of substance use disorder professionals. This initiative represents a proactive effort to strengthen the state’s capacity in combating substance use disorders effectively. Addressing the Workforce Gap in Behavioral Health With a large segment of Illinois’ behavioral health workforce nearing retirement and a noticeable decline in new professionals entering the field, the state faces a pressing need to bolster its ranks. This… Read More »Innovative Initiative in Illinois: Bolstering the Substance Use Disorder Workforce

What Makes Fentanyl So Dangerous

What makes fentanyl so dangerous? Due to its potency, a relatively small amount of fentanyl can be deadly. Just two milligrams can cause overdose or death. It’s very powerful and can be addictive. Fentanyl cannot be smelled or tasted, making it nearly impossible to tell if drugs contain or have been laced with the opioid without special fentanyl test strips.

Drug Overdose Death Rates CDC

Opiate Use and Overdose Statistics in 2023 During 2019 and 2021,  89,000 total overdose deaths and 74,474 opioid-involved overdose deaths were reported across 31 states. [1] From the years 2010 to 2017 we saw a sustained multi year increase in overdose deaths involving opioids.  Opiate related deaths peaked at the beginning of 2017 with approximately 1300 cases per week or 70,000 deaths per year. [2]  In 2018 we saw our first noticeable decrease in opiate deaths averaging just under 800… Read More »Drug Overdose Death Rates CDC

What Are Buprenorphine Products?

Buprenorphine products such as SUBOXONE and VIVITROL are in a class of medications referred to as partial opioid agonists. These medications are commonly prescribed for the treatment of opioid addiction, which can include addictions related to substances such as heroin and prescription painkillers, such as Vicodin and OxyContin. Partial opioid agonists such as buprenorphine can help deter withdrawal symptoms and cravings while reducing the risk of relapse and supporting the possibility of lifelong recovery. Buprenorphine-based medications can be prescribed by… Read More »What Are Buprenorphine Products?

Information About Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

For more info: | 847-423-6800. There has been a paradigm shift in the field of addiction treatment. We now see it for what it really is: an organic brain disease no different from any other chronic condition like diabetes, hypertension or asthma. While the decision to use drugs is a choice, the disease of addiction is not and needs to be treated medically. ModernMed Recovery is one of the highest-rated a physician-owned and -operated practices providing opioid treatment services… Read More »Information About Medication-Assisted Treatment Services

When Should Patients Explore Other Treatment Options?

Buprenorphine services can be highly effective for the right individuals. However, there can also be situations when medication-assisted treatment may not be the best route to recovery for you. You may want to consider other options if you: Some individuals may need a more intense form of treatment to achieve sobriety. While ModernMed Recovery offers 5-star-rated MAT treatment solutions, other options such as residential programs may be more suitable in certain situations.

Suboxone strips vs pills

Which is best? Most patients prefer the sublingual strips. While there are generic Suboxone tablets, the primary reason that patients were given prescriptions for the tablets was to save money compared to the cost of the brand Suboxone films. The Suboxone generic tablets tend to take longer to dissolve. Suboxone brand patent rights recently expired opening the door for generic varations of the medication. This has leveled the pricing to about the same for strip or tablet. My opinion is… Read More »Suboxone strips vs pills

Can you tell me the best way for a person to withdraw from Suboxone and how long it usually takes?

Originally published at Jacksonville Florida News Dear Dr. Roach: Can you tell me the best way for a person to withdraw from Suboxone and how long it usually takes? My son was an opioid addict and has been on Suboxone films for four years for his recovery. He is now very gradually weaning off of it by reducing the amount he takes each week. This has been going on for months. His physician is overseeing it, and together they determine… Read More »Can you tell me the best way for a person to withdraw from Suboxone and how long it usually takes?

Needle Exchange Programs Cutting Back During Coronavirus

Needle Exchange programs have not been immune to the impacts of corona virus. Discovering a article written by they describe the so called conditions and reality for addicts living and using on Chicago’ city streets. Here is a snippet from the articles introduction.CHICAGO — The COVID-19 lockdown has reminded David Galorath how painful it can be to inject heroin with a dull needle.“It sucks,” he said. “That hurts. It hurts your body.”So in early April — with his supply… Read More »Needle Exchange Programs Cutting Back During Coronavirus

High Marks for Opiate-Free Pain Control after Urologic Surgery

“ Opiate-free pain management did not adversely affect outcomes, including patient-reported outcomes (PROs), after three types of urologic surgery, according to two separate studies. Patients undergoing radical prostatectomy or nephrectomy reported no worsening of pain, effects on activity or sleep, or somatic symptoms when they received opiate-free pain medication. Data from a study of patients undergoing ureteroscopy for kidney stones showed significantly lower pain intensity scores with an opiate-free protocol, and patients reported no increased pain-related interference with regular activities.”… Read More »High Marks for Opiate-Free Pain Control after Urologic Surgery